About Us



Olivia + Poppy™ was created with the intention of bringing the highest quality design, artistry and creativity to your space. Our collection of wallcoverings were carefully DESIGNED and selected for the unique individual. We have an obsession for all things fabulous and our team of designers are ready to help your imagination come to life.  


CEO & FOUNDER, Jamie Graney started her career 16 years ago in the interior architectural design field. She sees possibilities everywhere and is constantly taking in information that becomes inspiration for creative expression. Her passion fully blossomed with the establishment of Olivia + Poppy™. Jamie is not only a devoted mother to 3 beautiful children, a loving wife, but also an entrepreneur that enjoys nothing more than helping her clients realize their full creative potential.

CREATIVE DIRECTOR, Tina Silvestri has over 15 years of design experience with a passion for the creative arts and an eye for detail. Inspired by some of Houston's top interior designers she has decided to pursue her creative talents by infusing current trends with classic designs for Olivia + Poppy. Tina's heart belongs to her husband and two boys but shares it through her philanthropic efforts to end the global water crisis.

DESIGNER,  Victoria Whitworth graduated in 2016 with a Communication degree with an emphasis in design. If creative thinking were a language, Victoria would be perfectly fluent! She is drawn to all things artistic and eccentric and most commonly manifests her creativity through graphic design and painting. She has traveled the world extensively and  is a full-time lover of crafting, adventure and her toothless dog named Tarzan.