If you have any questions about the proper installation of this product, please call your Distributor or contact your Sales Representative before proceeding.


Examine goods to assure that pattern, color, quantity and quality are as ordered.


Surfaces to be covered must be clean, smooth, dry and structurally sound. Loose paint or other wallcoverings must be removed. In order to ensure maximum smoothness of installation, nail heads, nicks, gouges and other surface imperfections should be filled, sanded smooth and sealed. On new walls, drywall joints should be taped, bedded and sanded smooth. If necessary, clean the surface with a damp cloth and allow it to completely dry.


Before hanging, examine panels for color uniformity and consistency of design. Follow instructions packaged with the roll. All material must be installed sequentially.

Peel back approximately 4-6” of the backer and crease it to leave the sticky surface exposed. Align the 4-6” of exposed sticky surface with the top of your wall and take your time sticking it evenly across. Check that the panel is hanging completely straight before applying all of it.

Apply the rest of the panel by slowly peeling the backer downward while at the same time smoothing the material onto the wall. Working

from the center outward, gently smooth out any wrinkles with a plastic putty knife.


Use a straight edge tool and a precision craft knife to trim the material accordingly. Firmly hold the straight edge above/beside the area you are trimming off, then slowly and carefully guide the craft knife across the bottom of the straight edge to create a clean cut. If necessary, you can also use the craft knife to trim around sockets or fixtures.

Graphic design of panels will determine seaming method to be implemented. Overlapping, double-cutting and pre-trimming have advantages in making acceptable seams. Do not “score” drywall when double-cutting.


Align the next panel of wallpaper and use the painter’s tape to hold it in place. Take a few steps backward and make sure the patterns are accurately lined up. It is important to make sure patterns line up at eye level, allowing any drift in the lineup to run off toward the ceiling or floor.

After applying three strips, if there are any questions or comments of appearance, stop and contact your distributor. Once the alignment is confirmed you can repeat the application and trimming procedures.


This product is not designed to be used on textured surfaces, and you should avoid placement above fireplaces or furnaces. Allow 30 days for newly painted walls to dry before applying.

Depending on the size of your Olivia+Poppy product it may be easiest to have another

person help install it. If necessary, you can peel this product off and reposition it accordingly. You can remove and reuse this product multiple times as long as the adhesive side doesn’t collect dust or debris.

Do not install wallcoverings unless a temperature above 55°F is maintained in both areas of installation and storage. Permanent building lights should be available for installation.